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Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C. Las Vegas
Questions and Answers

Question: What kind of medicine does Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas practice?

Answer: Dr. Francis' Las Vegas office practices alternative medicine. Specifically, he focuses on working with the body as a whole using Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, TBM, and various other therapies.  

Question: What is TBM

Answer: TBM stands for "Total Body Modification". It is a method used to test the health of the whole body and the individual internal organs and to therefor make connections between weak parts and specific ailments, structural imbalances, or other health impairments. 

Question: Why should I choose an alternative medical physician?

Answer: If you have ever thought that there must be a better way to treat an issue than to simply mask the symptoms, these alternative treatments may be for you. Dr. Francis as Vegas alternative medicine treatments focus on finding the underlying issues of the present manifestation of the ailment and treating that root cause. It's a better way than simply ignoring your body's own natural warning alarms!

Question: What alternative options do I have with Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C. Las Vegas practice?

Answer: Dr. Francis Las Vegas practice has numerous different modalities to choose from and due to his constant research, he is always discovering and improving ways to treat his patients. His treatments include color and light therapy, magnet therapy, pressure points, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, TBM, and many, many more modalities to suit your body's every need.

Question: What is Chiropractic kinesiology Las Vegas?

Answer: Chiropractic Kinesiology is a clinic started by Dr. Francis in Las Vegas over 30 years ago for the treatment and betterment of people willing to change their life for the better. Dr. Francis Las Vegas loves to see his patients get well and stay strong. 

Question: What is the difference between Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology?

Answer: There are worlds of difference between the two! To simplify, Kinesiology is geared towards ergonomics, posture and body movements while Applied Kinesiology tests the muscles to determine different organ weaknesses, and determines how to best treat and fix them. Timothy Francis, D.C. Las Vegas, is fully trained in both modalities. 

Question: What am I expected to do as a patient of Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas office?

Answer:  Depending on your current condition and current quality of life, you will be expected to make very different choices. Some of the most universal changes to be made are to you diet, exercise and stress levels. These are small prices to pay for you life! 

Question: Does Dr. Francis take out of town patients?

Answer: Yes. As long as you are willing to travel to the office for your appointment, Dr. Francis, Las Vegas, will be happy take you on as a patient.

Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C. Las Vegas

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