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Have you been searching and struggling with the issues that you just can’t seem to get rid of?
You may feel like you have endless options for treatment and you just don't know which one to choose! It's especially frustrating when you seem to find yourself looking in all the wrong places for the information you so desperately needHopefully, we can offer some new and helpful information that can cut through some of your confusion
Not a lot of people have heard of Chiropractic Kinesiology treatments. A lot of people have heard of a Chiropractor, but what is Applied Kinesiology and how does fit? Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C., Las Vegas, is an expert in this field and may be able to help answer some of your questions.
I am sure that you want to be pain and suffering free, right?
If you've tried many options before, perhaps you have come across some alternative ways of treatment. One of these is Applied Kinesiology. Think of Applied Kinesiology as your body's voice telling you exactly what it needs. The body will naturally attract what it needs and repel what would weaken it. Applied Kinesiology can work for food testing, allergy testing, environmental sensitivities testing, as well as many, many other applications. Applied Kinesiology can be very beneficial for food testing because it can gauge the way a body will uniquely react to something preemptively, even if the issue isn't extremely evident todayIn treatment, it can bring an area of health importance to the attention of the doctor well in advance of the manifestation of symptoms.
If this interests you, it may help you to know what kind of services Dr. Francis (Las Vegas) offers, in case he may be able to offer the right fit for you and your treatment needs.
What kinds of treatments does Dr. Timothy Francis' Las Vegas practice use?
As a doctor who believes that treatment should be administered to a patient as a whole body, Dr. Francis' Las Vegas Practice utilizes a holistic approach. He looks at a patients emotions, chemical balances, and structural and physical makeup for a well rounded and and holistic picture of the patient. Choosing a treatment or a remedy that is then tailored to best fit the  patient and their complex and unique system. 
A homeopathic remedy may then be prescribed that is optimized for the whole patient and creates a faster pathway to health for them. No treatment is the same and that is the beauty of treating the system and the root issue rather than simply addressing the problems only as they manifest. Therefore, one is treating the actual source (root) of the issue not just the symptoms (the leaves). 
If you are in need of Expert help, Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas is ready to help you now!
Find out more about Dr. Timothy Francis and his practice, Chiropractic Kinesiology- Las Vegas at: www.drtimothyfrancis.com. 
Dr. Timothy Francis practices in Las Vegas, NV. He accepts patients from wherever they are willing to travel to him from.
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Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C.- Las Vegas
How does Dr. Timothy Francis test?
Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C. Las Vegas uses alternative methods to test as well as treat his patients. These include non-invasive muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology techniques.
In some rare cases, Dr. Timothy Francis' Las Vegas office  will refer you to another physician if he deems necessary.
Dr. Timothy Francis keeps a record of trusted doctors so you can be assured that you will only be referred to the best. 
Dr. Timothy Francis Las Vegas practice asses the whole body and what it needs then treats it accordingly. This can vary from person to person and you can rest assured that you will be treated as an individual with specific treatment needs and not as "just another patient" not getting the special and individualized attention you need and deserve. 
Dr. Timothy Francis goes step by step, using a variety of methods, resources and knowledge to treat you better.
Dr. Timothy Francis will explain what you need to do specifically for your health. 
As these are unique testing techniques and Dr. Timothy Francis- Las Vegas is always developing more ways to test, you will get the unique opportunity to participate in the development of natural medicine with
Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas as your physician.

Dr. Timothy Francis- Las Vegas

Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas hosts annual seminars called TimTalks for doctors around the world. If you are a doctor, contact Him for information.

Dr. Timothy Francis, Applied Kinesiology

Utilizing a unique and ever evolving technique, you can be sure that Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas, is at the cutting edge of his profession and able to give you the best care possible at all times.

Dr. Timothy Francis, D.C. - Las Vegas

Dr. Timothy Francis, Las Vegas, holds multipul degrees from several institutions and prestigious positions including a former teaching position at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

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